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You're Invited!

As you can see, we're not in the Baby Shower business anymore. Instead our celebrations have seasonally shifted and include avoiding doctors, time spent with our children and grandkids, and getting a good night's rest. Oh yes, we also get excited about defending our tomato plants from ravenous green caterpillars and lastly, in launching a new author's website.

As aspiring writers, Pina and I decided to merge our literary works into a single JPM Publications website found at We're not passing out cigars or blowing up balloons but if you have the time, please take a brief cyber tour and let us know what you think. For those of you following the Michelina series, a third book is on the way but will be delayed a bit by a ministry trip to Ireland and Italy in October. Otherwise, we've been blessed by your reviews and kind comments regarding our literary efforts.

By the way, if anyone has an interest in self-publishing, you can contact us through the website and we'll be happy to help with the process. We're battle tested and although we haven't entirely mastered the indie arena, we now have a good deal of experience.


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