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And after the rain...

The accompanying photo was snapped over the city of Enniskillen and was the first of three such doubles observed during a recent three-week ministry trip to Ireland.

Rainbows are meteorological phenomena caused by a brilliant interplay of sunlight, water droplets, and the effects of reflection and refraction. However, to preserve brain cells, we’ll avoid a deeper scientific explanation and go on to the way rainbows light up skies and hearts as well.

But before we arrive there let’s turn back a few pages of history!

The earliest mention of rainbows date back to a conversation between Noah, the first cruise ship builder, and the God who created everything else. In the aftermath of a worldwide flood, God said, I set My rainbow in the cloud—as a sign highlighting an eternal promise to never destroy the earth again by water. Interestingly more than 500 ancient worldwide civilizations have flood legends consistent with the Biblical account.

Consequently, rainbows are far more than meteorological marvels splashing vivid colors across the skyline. They are divinely sponsored marquees reminding us that God is a faithful promise-keeper. He’s also powerful enough to rescue us from every flood of disaster, disappointment, depression or setback we could ever face in life. With perfect timing, His rainbows stretch across the panorama of our lives to reassure us He is there and that He cares.

The heavens declare the glory of God and that includes the rainbow--an extraordinary promissory note reminding us that He is there!

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