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Jack O’Brien was calling it quits! 

His body and family had convinced him to toss the baton to younger colleagues intent on building their own legacies. "It was a young man's game,” he reasoned, and though the world was worse off than when he first put on a U.S. Navy uniform, he had given his all in a relentless fight against evil. 

At the end, Gwen’s words penetrated his warrior’s armor.

"Listen, Jack, our clocks are ticking. Have you thought about spending quality time together? I hope it’s not when we’re parked next to one another in a home for seniors?”

In response, he took a knee becoming a noncombatant for the first time in 47 years. And just when he started getting used to his new role , he met Mariano and Diego Montilla…exiles from a corrupt Venezuelan regime intent on settling some scores.

What was the old warrior to do?

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