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Proof of a great novel is when you don’t want it to end. I did not!

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With dancing flames of fire in his eyes, the traveling evangelista spoke to the six-year-old child, “your gift will make a way for you to go before great men…”

And the little girl's family questioned the man's words.

Years later, the United States is faced with a great threat by an evil regime with a nuclear capability and the willingness to use it! As a new president and his administration struggle to safeguard the nation an unlikely champion appears as a collusion of two worlds takes place! 

This book reminds me of a Christian version of the Tom Clancy novels I grew up on.

C. Ruder


It happened on the last run of the mission—a sickening jolt followed by a loss of power and use of the F-18’s flight controls! Despite superb training, the veteran Navy carrier pilot knew his Beloved Rhino was mortally wounded . Then fear spoke, "you’re going down and right in the middle of Iraq’s Triangle of Death!"

SAR team efforts came back empty handed--Lieutenant Commander Mac O’Brien had simply disappeared. The U.S. Navy report listed the flyer as  Killed in Action—the prelude to a shaking with profound consequences... 

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