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Drive, says me!

Like most of you, my husband John and I are blessed with modern conveniences to include remote garage door and gate openers. We recently had our two grandchildren with us--Zayde, the oldest nearly five and Cabhan, a spunky two and a half year old. I’m not certain whether they’re the right age or we’ve passed through a miraculous grandparent portal, but we simply love spending time with them.

That love has led to new adventure and creative ways to keep them engaged. Engagement is very important to avoid houselights being constantly flipped on and off and piano keys being pummeled to death by small hands. Our solution is to take road trips to just about every kid-centered museum, park, and attraction within fifty miles.

Pulling into and out of our driveway, Grandpa John decided to demonstrate his mastery of all things electronic by ordering the garage door to “Open says me!” Of course, the door listened to him--and the little remote he held hidden in his hand. Mystified, the boys went wild, totally impressed with grandpa’s amazing powers!

Of course, they wanted a piece of the action and from then on we were serenaded by little voices commanding doors and gates to open! Then one day traveling to a favorite destination we got stuck in traffic. It’s remarkable but the patience levels of five year olds and those sporting sixty-plus years are virtually identical. Just before I offered a commentary on our misfortune, a backseat voice roared, “Drive, says me!” Laughter replaced tension and sure enough, traffic began to move in obedience to the mouse that roared!

Afterwards, I thought how uptight we can become when we feel stuck in one of life’s inevitable traffic jams. But we don’t need too! We can slide over and let God manage our stop and go driving. It does require active listening and instructions to either go or stay will come if we trust Him.

Next month we’re on a “drive, says Me” ministry trip to Ireland after a few months of staying put in Tulsa. Like our grandkids, we’re excited to go to one of our favorite destinations and maybe you could pray for us whenever you’re driving or even in bumper-to-bumper traffic!


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