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"Over the Moon" in Czech!

We're back on U.S. soil after a three-week mission's trip to the Czech Republic. The phrase "over the moon" is used by the locals to describe the best experience possible--and our entire stay met that criteria! Collectively, we had eleven meetings in various church and fellowship settings plus several days devoted to personal ministry. People were both needy and quite excited about God which is always a joy to witness. Once again we were hosted by a beautiful Czech family in the city of Český Těšín, which is located a river's width from Poland. The region once supported a thriving Jewish population but Nazi occupation all but eliminated the Jewish community. However in a merger of Old and New Testament truths, the only surviving synagogue in the city is now used by a vibrant Christian church. Thus the worship of Jehovah God continues despite the efforts of men to extinguish the flames of devotion.

Reportedly the Czech Republic is the least religious nation in the European Community with ten percent Roman Catholics and just one percent Protestant believers. The rest of the populations are either atheist, undecided, or just indifferent--a painful leftover from the Communist era. Yet God's light is able to penetrate the darkest of hearts and cultures. Jesus said I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness..." We had the pleasure of seeing Jesus shine His light in many beautiful ways.

With an open invitation to return, my husband and I will most certainly be back to the Czech Republic. The people are warm, intelligent, and hungry to know and serve God. If only we knew how to speak Czech...

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