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The Next Connection!

It's always exciting when we get ready for something new, which in our case, is another ministry trip to Ireland in September. Although the anticipation of reuniting with dear friends and helping local congregations provide us with a strong incentive to go, it can also be a bit frightening. Why?

Because on this side of eternity we will always face a certain element of uncertainty--a condition which neuroscience suggests gives our brains all kinds of fits. Personally, the unknown is like a late night knock on the door forcing me to leave the comfort and safety of my carefully calculated plans. What does God want? What is the message and ministry for each meeting--and, Holy Spirit are You going to show up?

Let me say this. All those questions presuppose that God doesn't know about future events yet, one of His titles is Alpha and Omega--the first and the last. Being the first and last covers a lot of ground and especially as His eternal nature includes what was, and is, and is to come. He alone knows our days, weeks, months, and years! Consequently He invites us to trust Him and recognize that our times--all of them, are in His hands. He's been where we've been and He waits ahead for us to catch up.

So when nervous fritters creep up and begin suggesting all kinds of unpleasant scenarios I've learned to shift gears. My role is to simply walk trusting that God will lead--a promise stated in Psalm 23, one of the most famous of King David's many psalms. By falling in step behind Him we cannot fail--and He will never fail us!

God bless you!

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