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A "Blue Sky" Experience!


My husband and I just returned from an amazing 25-day ministry adventure to Ireland and for the first time, the Czech Republic. Having previously shared about the Emerald Isle, I decided to devote this blog to our unforgettable Czech experience. A blue sky blessing occupies the top rung of the Czech best wishes ladder--and we were blessed in every possible way during our stay. We had five official meetings as well other "unofficial" opportunities to share the Gospel and minister to many precious people. The weather was superb, the food excellent and as you can see from the photos, the Czech Republic is lovely.

As an author, I'm fascinated by history and the cultural dynamics that shape regional views and impact destinies. In the Czech side of Teschen, we spoke in a church that met in the only synagogue building that remained in the area from the Nazi occupation. It was spared because it had been part of the municipal center located in the town square. And although the last Communist leader resigned in 1989, you could still note the effects in the attitudes and narratives of older individuals. Simply put, one-size fits all political and social practices that deny the existence of God fail to produce utopian societies. There will be no political parties in heaven!

A special thanks to Luci Samiecova, her sister Jola, and their mother for putting up with two Americans!


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