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Skellig Michael: The Force awoke AFTER our visit!

Skellig Michael is located 11 kilometers off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland. Per our son Joseph’s suggestion, we traveled to Kerry, hired a private boat, and arrived 45 minutes later on a stunningly beautiful 700 foot high rock. The island’s history dates to the 6th century when a small group of Christian monks established a community high above the surrounding waters. To dissuade visitors, the monks cut over 600 very steep and treacherous stone steps that would intimidate a mountain goat. However this challenge did not prevent Rey and Chewbacca from meeting up with Luke Skywalker on the island’s heights. For all of us it was an unforgettable experience. This September, my husband and I are back in Ireland with an added trip to the Czech Republic. Details to follow. Ciao.

A local

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