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'Pravda Vitězí' - Truth Prevails!

After more than two-weeks of ministry in the Czech Republic, we endured twenty-eight hours of flights and airports to drag our jet lag back to Tulsa. Reclaiming our vacant home, cupboards were restocked, the yard mowed, and defensive measures taken to ward off rabbits from our garden! And yes, we also washed our clothing.

And so, we were home…or were we?

Despite regaining normal, our hearts keep returning to the Czech, Polish, and Slovakian-speaking believers left behind in Europe. In his epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul expressed his purpose for ministry writing, for I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be strengthened. On the ministry side of the equation, it’s always about them and not us. In truth, it is a tonic to the soul whenever we manage to escape our self-appointed orbits for the benefit of others. That’s what these missions trips do for us and if you haven’t had the opportunity, please consider the possibility.

On the tail end of our trip, we had some downtime in Prague which included a visit to the Old City Square featuring a huge statue of the 14th century Reformer Jan Hus. The massive monument which took twelve years to complete fully dominates the northeast corner of the square. The tribute to the martyred monk holds symbolic importance to the nation--the phrase, truth prevails—was adopted as the official motto of the President of the Czech Republic.

Below Hus’ towering statue is another treasure, written in Czech and best translated as love each other and wish the truth to everyone. Simply stated, the words have profound implications for individuals, families, and nations. What if bitterly squabbling factions within the U.S. and elsewhere began to love one another while holding to truths which free, and not confine, the human heart? What if fake news was no longer fake and truth was honored on every street corner and political aisle?

What if…

Mentioned earlier, ministry is for the benefit of others—that’s why Christ came to a broken Planet. But the Embodiment of love and truth has a habit of rewarding those who go and sow. This applies to those who stay, pray, and give as well. Collectively we can make a difference while at the same time finding our cup breaming over with God's lovingkindness and tender mercies.

And did I mention that neither my husband nor I speak Czech!

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