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Missing Parts!

Meet Rupert, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland!

It was a glorious day in our backyard--flowers blooming, sun shining, and an unexpected visit from a celebrity cat. Aside from being a handsome fella, what you cannot see from the photo is that Rupert is missing a rear limb. It’s complicated but let's say that the cat-versus-car collision didn't turn out very well for him. For certain Rupert had a crisis and that crisis led to pain, emotional trauma, and an undeniable physical subtraction.

Can anyone relate?

After his accident, Rupert faced a key hurdle: Will I limp along feeling sorry for myself and making excuses or will I get back into the cat race and make the adjustments? The good news is that after tittering and wobbling around a bit, he relearned how to do life. He didn't quit nor did he allow circumstances to limit his future.

Keep in mind that the past is never stronger than the future! Whatever your missing limb--a failed relationship, lack of education, inexperience, fear or rejection, you can redefine the playing field and still reach your potential.

If an Irish cat could do it, so can you!

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